Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants, which usually replace an entire tooth with a combination of a metal screw and a tooth-shaped ceramic crown, are a brilliant way to preserve a full, healthy smile while also enjoying a natural bite.


Though most implant crowns will last for many years without a hitch, there is nothing to worry about if you notice a crack or a certain amount of fragility in the crown. We can restore your implant to its former glory.


How Are Implant Crowns Restored?


Usually, the procedure simply involves removing the old, broken ceramic crown and screwing a new one on to the metal base in its place. There usually is no need to remove the implant itself, unless there has been any damage to this as well. The procedure is normally straightforward and has little recovery time, so you’ll have your smile back to normal the same day.


The way that you treat your implants will have an impact on how long they last. Treating your crowns with a little more care than you would treat your natural teeth helps to prevent them from fracturing. Avoid putting too much pressure on the crown itself, particularly when eating tougher foods. If you do feel there’s an issue with your implant crown, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

If you’re looking to restore a broken dental implant crown, we a pleased to offer dental implant restorations in Sidcup and Northfleet. Please schedule an appointment at your preferred practice:

Sidcup (020 8300 7979) or Northfleet (01474 567 167)