General Dentistry

General Dentistry includes a wide range of services and procedures to help you take care of your teeth and overall oral health.

Full examination

Each examination is broken down into three parts; firstly detecting decay, broken teeth; secondly detecting gum disease using specialist probes and, thirdly, a soft tissue check to detect oral cancers and other soft tissue diseases.

Gum disease

Early detection is crucial, but even advanced gum disease can be arrested with regular maintenance. At every examination, we check for gum disease to identify any pockets needing treatment.

Restorative dentistry (fillings & crowns)

This involves the removal of damaged, decayed or fractured portions of teeth and rebuilding to the correct contour of the original tooth. We can use amalgam or white filling materials (such as composites or ceramics). Teeth that are heavily broken down can be crowned using various porcelains or gold.

Tooth infections

If decay is not properly treated, the tooth can get infected (an abscess). If you notice you have a “gum boil”, then it would need to be treated or the infection could spread to adjacent teeth, or even, in extreme situations, around your body. There are two ways to treat tooth infections: extraction or root treatment.

It is important to replace missing teeth, so that the pressure around your mouth is evenly distributed when eating. This helps avoid further tooth fractures, tooth wear or even the loosening and drifting of remaining teeth. There are several types of denture (metal or acrylic) and your dentist will advise on what is right for you.

We at the Quigley Dental Practice offer a professional and friendly service and we always strive to put our patients at ease.