Teeth Whitening

Few things can enhance your appearance quite like a bright, white smile. Professional teeth whitening can help improve the whiteness of your teeth, helping restore and improve upon your natural shade. We offer two types of whitening at our practices:


Laser Whitening – This involves a two hour process undertaken at the practice. Following this procedure, people come out 8 shades whiter on average. This can really transform the look of your smile.


At-Home Whitening – As an alternative to laser whitening, we also offer at-home whitening bleaching treatments. This involves the use of a set of custom made trays to be worn at home. Results from this approach take around two weeks to become really noticeable.

If you’re looking to improve the natural whiteness of your teeth we a pleased to offer teeth whitening in Sidcup and Northfleet. Please schedule an appointment at your preferred practice:

Sidcup (020 8300 7979) or Northfleet (01474 567 167)